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John and Sarrissa Elder
About Us

S & J Coffee House, LLC was started, and is operated by John and Sarrissa Elder. Together, we have served our community for over 35 years. We have decided to trade in our uniforms for barista aprons. After seeing people at the worst moments of their lives, we prefer to put smiles on the faces of those we serve.

Come visit our store and let us put a smile on your face and surpass your expectations by making your visit truly special and memorable!


Cultivating passion for great coffee

Inspiring future leaders


S & J Coffee House: A locally owned and operated company. We are a family oriented company that believes anyone should have access to great coffee drinks at reasonable prices. Our drive stems from a strong focus on family, customer service, and providing a high quality product each and every time. If it is not right, we will make it right. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Our mission: To create a family and community friendly environment where the finest quality of coffee is roasted, brewed and served. To ensure our passion for exceptional service is experienced at every level of customer and employee engagement, where all that walk through our door are treated like family.

Our values: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Citizenship, Morality, Loyalty, and Accountability.

Our vision: In our dedication to family, employees and customers, we seek to share our passion for extraordinary coffee by aspiring to bring the community together.

An overview of our business - We provide a quality and relaxing atmosphere where the community can gather to enjoy gourmet coffee and high-quality customer service. We create a work environment where staff have the opportunity to develop leadership and management job skills from expert managers.  

A description of our product and/or service. We offer gourmet coffee, light food and snacks made from the finest and freshest ingredients.  All items will be made onsite using as many local resources as possible.  We offer freshly roasted coffee beans, from our hand selected roaster. We hope to educate consumers as to what espresso coffee is. We want to share our knowledge of coffee by helping them expand their knowledge and taste buds, so they can make well informed choices.  Helping our customers expand not only what they know about coffee but what they think about coffee, is our passion.

What differentiates our business. Our products are superior in quality served in a high quality atmosphere only expected of a true coffee house establishment.  We are unique in that we offer a diverse drink menu to include foods and other types of beverages in a single location. In an environment that is centered around creating a place where people gather to enjoy their coffee, relax and unwind while enjoying their time, friends, collogues or family.  A place to have a quick meeting or enjoy a book and relax in a large comfortable chair. 

Our management team. We are a husband and wife team that have combined leadership and management experience of more than 25 years.  We have both held a variety of management and leadership positions from director to vice president to CEO levels.  We have both successfully owned and operated other businesses in the past and look forward to this new venture. Sarrissa Elder is currently a full-time student, she has a master’s degree in health sciences focusing on management and leadership. Currently she is working on a Doctor of Education in Interdisciplinary Leadership at Creighton University.  John Elder has over 15 years of executive management experience and was accepted into medical school, but life intervened and unfortunately was not able to pursue this dream. He is currently employed as clinical manager with Apollo Med Flight while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at Webster University.  Both of us are dedicated professionals with a passion for high quality leadership.

Goal: To always ensure unparalleled customer service while serving the finest coffee, teas and foods.




Simple, Honest, True are the founding values of our business, and our lives. Where simply doing the right thing is the only thing to do. To accomplish this we measure every decision, both business and personal, against these standards. Our goal is to create a business where all we serve and work with know that every thing we expect and do is because it fulfills one or more of these expectations.